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IEEE Distributed Systems Online - a springboard for building a stronger distributed systems community
Papers and information related to Pervasive Systems, Grid computing
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The newly formed University and College Union (UCU) has reached an agreement with the employers which means that the boycott of marking exams and coursework has been suspended.

As one of the MSc AIS/WIM student reps for 2005/06, don't hesitiate to e-mail me with any issues or concerns you have. There are no more meetings between the Course Tutors and Student Reps in this school year, but please contact either the lecturers or me with any issues you may have.

To promote contact between students, this is where you will find the student pages, and photos.

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last updated 7th June 2006


Welcome to my webspace, part of the Birkbeck College website. Please take a while to browse. To comment on any of this work, as it appears, please e-mail me.

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As an example of what can be done with a little bit of Javascript, and to provide some useful information at the same time, here is information provided, formatted and updated by Sophos. You are welcome to add this information to your website too - simply follow the link at the bottom of the table to take you to the Sophos website:

Here are a couple of Unashamed Plugs to try and positively influence my lecturers: Only joking

buy this book at

An Introduction to Search Engines and Web Navigation
by Mark Levene
Published by Pearson Education, September 2005

Buy this book from Amazon ~ Visit Mark's homepage ~ Visit Pearson Education

buy this book at

Clustering for Data Mining: A Data Recovery Approach
by Boris Mirkin
Published by Chapman & Hall, May 2005

Buy this book from Amazon ~ Visit Boris' homepage
~ Chapman & Hall now managed by Kluwer Academic Publishers

And a plug for fellow student, Lambert Dean:

(that's Lambert in the middle!)

Some of my favourite external links:

visit the Best Friends animal sanctuary visit the Brooke Hospital for Animals BBC News - the most informative homepage you'll ever have! all the Spurs memorabilia you'll ever need Ipswich Town archives on the web recover from a persistent XP BSOD! Make a note of this link, it is the most valuable link you'll ever have! Enter the world of Major League Baseball TfL fares leaflet (pdf) Oyster price capping leaflet (pdf) Paul Carlisle's excellent Lunar calendar Great new product! Tiffy 2-in-1 Inhaler Google your PC! Visit the Flying Spaghetti Monster See the new baby Panda at Washington Zoo Really Simple Syndication (BBC website) The Royal Statistical Society - plenty of things to keep the bored mind occupied build your own steadycam for your digital video camera! Coolest toy of the year! Hundreds of pages for the inquisitive mind Storage in your wallet! Peter Norvig's Gettysburg Address, PowerPoint style! What would the world be like without the internet? CowCam - see the world from a cow's perspective Galileo - the European Satellite Navigation System The Art of Customer Service 5-Dimensional Rubik's(tm) Cube! Surname profiler IEEE Distributed Systems Online

also understand what Spyware is and remove it.
Google Desktop article Google your PC - excellent tool for unearthing long-lost data!

Some of my favourite books from my personal library (I'd recommend them all!):

some of my favourite books. Follow the link for more details

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