Agadir, Morocco

Club Med occupies a great location on the beach in Agadir

The Arabic lettering carved into the hillside reads "I was here first!"

From the beach, the sun setting over the Atlantic is a daily beauty

Here is another beautiful sight on the beach

Golf was one of our mainstays during the holiday. Here, Andy shows how it should be done

Taking a break in beautiful surroundings

You're sure to do well, as long as you have a good caddy

Club Med has 18 tennis courts. We needed only one

Tennis for the slightly less energetic

Hard work, that table tennis. Time for a refreshing break

Over at the archery centre, Ian strikes a pose

First-timer Andy is a natural...

Proof of the pudding - one of the high scores of the week

At the awards ceremony for the Archery Contest (Junior Division) Andy and Ian (combined age - ahem, cough, cough!) hog centre stage

The trapeze was a bit too tame for our sporting heroes, so here are some other guests giving it a go

Off to the desert now with our intrepid duo...

...sporting the latest in natty head gear

With Andy at the wheel, Ian had time to enjoy the sights (sand, sand and more sand)

Ian at the wheel, going nowhere but looking good

Taking a tea break with the locals

At the end of the day - it's a bit dusty out there

The restaurant was beautiful and romantic...

...and the desserts were a feast for sore eyes

Andy looking elegant in South African attire...

...and Ian doing likewise

Out for a stroll in the balmy evenings

Evening entertainment saw the Club Med staff take to the stage...

Berber horsemen circle the swimming pool. Quite an impressive sight... were the acrobats

Club Med caters for all ages

The pool and surrounding buildings are a lovely place to spend a few hours

Uh oh - the pool is deeper than it looks!

The beach is long and wide, the ocean is deep and chilly...

...and beautiful sights are everywhere!